Saturday, 17 September 2016

Quick and cute: Moomin, welcome to moomin valley game.

As you all probably know I love Moomins. So imagine my excitement when I found a Moomin sim game for my smart phone. It's really cute and quite fun to play and I thought maybe there are some readers in my blog who'd be equally enthusiastic.

The style of the game is reminiscent of Tove Jansson's comics but I am not quite sure if it's directly lifted from them. Whichever, it's very nostalgic and cute. Playing is very easy and quite fun. The game is available in Play Store on android for free though there are some adds in the game and you can buy rubies to expand your valley more quickly but so far I haven't done that.

In the game you can decorate the valley and the moomin house. By decorating you get more items you can use to expand the valley and decorate more. You can also visit Moomin's friends which gives you more shells, party items and characters for your valley.

Over all the game is very cute and starts very quickly which kinda made me hooked after just a few minutes but it slows down significantly at the higher levels and becomes a bit more challenging. The activities the characters can do are well chosen and the animations are cute. If you like charming little mobile games this is definitely a good one.

Madame Parapluie


  1. Oh I am excited! I love Tove's style so much. I have to try it out, although it looks like it's just another farm game behind the strong brand. We'll see!

  2. Moomins at the Riviera movie just got screened on Mexico :) Here we watched The Moomins thanks to a kids shows bar in a cultural channel and they got lots of fans here, I'm curious about how it was to live in a country where the Moomin influence was stronger and by your post I think I got and idea! Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

    1. Your quite welcome. Moomins are everywhere in Finland and in everything from clothes to porcelain to cutlery to candy. It's quite amazing.