Saturday, 29 June 2013

Silks, ribbons and roses

Click for a better view

Click for a better view

So I did a little craft project during the last two days. Silk ribbon embroidery is so fast to do. I absolutely love how it turned out and I am never going back to polyester satin ribbons. These are so much prettier and so much easier to manipulate.

I just realized this tote is going to match my new dress beautifully but more on that later...

Mademoiselle Parapluie

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Chocolate bambi and other things

I have gotten some new stuff lately and decided to take some pictures of them. So here we go.

So here's everything and the best picture of the vintage blouse I got. I really needed a new white blouse and this one seemed to work perfectly. I really like hig collared blouses but I must admit that I am thinking of changing the bow thingy to something a bit nicer. 

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Other thing I got is this Bambi buumi-headband from Essin maailma. I wanted a custom colour (darck chocolate) and she was kind enough to make me a pair. It's so lovely and fluffy and I have already many coordinates planned with this. 

Click for a better view
Here is a close up of the horns. 

And here's something I made myself. A necklace with a real antique key and two matching bracelets. I Used fresh water pearls, swarowski crystal and the key of course. They came out quite like I imagined them to. 

And here's a close up of the key. I like how one can see it has been used. It gives the necklace a lot of character. 

So do you like these sort of "what have I gotten recently"-posts? Should I make more of them? I would love to hear your imput. 

Mademoiselle Parapluie

Thursday, 13 June 2013

My teaset: The royal blue Lomonosov

Once again, dear readers I shall talk about my teacups. This time we have one of my personal favorites, the Lomonosov royal blue set. I only own cups and plates from this series and would certainly be glad to have atleast a pot to match.

As you can see the shape of this cup is simpler than the cup from the net set I shared with you earlier, but what this lacks in shape it makes up with gilding.

Click for more detail
 This cup has quite a wide gilded border around its rim. The border is quite intriquate which adds to the cup's charm and gives a regal feeling, combined with the blue. The glaze on this cup is quite polished making it even more striking.

The handle of the cup follows the same rules of simplicity of shape and has no gilding. It's quite easy to grasp and feels nice on your hand.

The plate of this set is quite simple in shape too and has a narrower version of the border motif on its rim. The white on the middle matches beautifully to the white inside of the cup. 

And finally here is the stamp of this set. As in the net set it's again sort of reddish brown and again we see that it's made in USSR. I really love this Lomonosov stamp. The monogram on top is so delicate looking and dainty.

Until next time with some more Asian cups!

Mademoiselle Parapluie

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hypecon lolita fashion show

Last weekend I took part on a lolita fashion show in Hypecon at Hyvinkää. It was as usual really fun. Thank you so much for the organizers and all those who came to watch our show.

I wore

Headdress: Baby the stars shine brigth and a vintage mourning veil
Mask: Offbrand
Necklace: Alchemy Gothic
Shirt: Second hand
Dress: Hand made by me
Stockings: Seppälä
Shoes: Barbara Pucci 

Here's a video of our show.

Mademoiselle Paraplui

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Lolita blog carnival: My most recent wardrobe addition also known as the litlle black lace dress


So a few weeks ago I found this lovely lace fabric from my local fabric store and because I was in dire need of a simple black dress I got it and made one. I wanted it to be something you could style very simple for everyday use (or parties where you don't want to be overly grand) or very grandly. I think it worked out quite fine.

Click for alarger view
The details of the dress include, lace shoulders straps and that's basicly it. It's really simple playing more with the fabric than detail work. I have to say I really like this one and hope to wear a lot.

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So that's it for today. Thank you for reading and remember to comment.

Mademoiselle Parapluie