Saturday, 6 August 2016

For the love of Tartan

I love tartan. I have loved it for quite some time and people who have known me the longest know this.  I feel it is a very classic, subdued, ladylike pattern event though it in our modern times has some punk connotations. 

With this said it is obvious that my wardrobe has a lot of tartan. I counted at least 11 tartan pieces ranging from dresses to blouses to scarves. One of my dreams is to have a coordinate made entirely of tartans but I am still missing shoes, a bag and hat so it's a long way of. 

This is my newest plaid or tartan dress. It's from Excentrique (my first Excentrique dress too!) and I love it. The hem is quite narrow making it perfect for shopping or having a casual tea time at The Ounce. It also came with a waist cincher which will likely go unused as I am not a big fan of corsets at this point of my life, but we'll see.

This is one of my hand made tartan dresses and it features my possibly favorite tartan, which is the black watch. The pattern has military history I find the colours very regal and strong though in this dress a made them a bit more feminine with the addition of the lace applique.

And of course I own a kilt. I wear it on my more casual days when petticoats just feel like hell. I love the colours in this piece and own a blouse in the same pattern. 

What  are your favorite pattern's dear readers? Do share in the comments as I'd love to hear if you love flowers or polka dots or tartan like me.

Madame Parapluie