Friday, 2 May 2014

Lolita blog carnival: My dream lolita event

I would love to have a event in a private garden (preferably my own but alas I have no such space yet), among the flowers and sunlight. There would be light music in the air and the weather would be soft and summery.

We would have tea at a lovely gazebo. There would be elegant treats from berries and fruits and of course ice tea to cool the attending petticoat wearers. The atmosphere would be elegant, a bit old fashioned and sophisticated.

The garden it self would have winding paths and nooks for private conversations and surprises. Perhaps behind the nearest corner the guests would step into the audience of a fashion show or a bazaar of lovely lacy goods.

And after the summer sun has set there would be a dance party with upbeat music. The garden would be lit up with lanterns and lamps of beautiful shades. The event would end with a dance under the moonlight

Other attendants:

Madame Parapluie

PS: Do take part to Creme de la Garderobe's give away. More information here.