Friday, 25 July 2014

Lolita blog carnival: Three things I would never wear in Lolita.

Hello dear readers. This week's lolita blog carnival topic is things that I wouldn't wear in  lolita. When deciding these I realized that there are a really small number of things i wouldnn't atleast try (and indeed I have tried all of these and noticed that they just don't work on me.). 

1. Flat Shoes

Ballerinas, teaparty shoes and so on. I just can't wear them as they hurt my ankles way too much. And yes I have owned cheap ballerinas, good ballerinas, expensive ballerinas and bad ballerinas and none of them have been good or even somewhat good on my feet. I need a bit of heel.

2. Qi- or Wa-lolita.

I find it bit costumey in most cases (Kainoliero does great wearable wa-lolita *-*) like it's something from an anime. I prefere to my looks to be more wearable and qi and wa make me feel like I am in a costume.

3. Those blouses with huge baby collars.

And by that I mean the collars that reach over your shoulders. Metamorphose has few of these. I find them to be  tad too childish and prefere a bit more mature styles, smaller, or high collars or even a bit of neck line.

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I'd love to hear what you aren't going to wear in lolita, ever. Please share in the comments.

Monday, 21 July 2014

My teaset: Asian royal blue sets

This time the post will be a little different as I like to use these two sets as one, because their themes are so close to each other and they do go together very well. I got these cups from my grandmother which does add to their charm. I am hoping that at somepoint I will find a teapot that will compliment these cups. 

Click for a better view
So here are the cups. As you can see the porcelain is very thin, practicly see through and the decorative motifs match nicely. On the cup of the left we see cherry blossoms and on the right women in kimonos with parasols.

The cherry blossoms have been made with these beautiful straight lines that give the motif a nice sense of dimension and shade. I fell this motif is very cute, but the striking blue colour makes it very elegant.

Click for better view
The lady motif is a bit more intrivate. All the women have differently patterent kimonos and dainty parasols. The branch pictured here makes me wonder if the women are taking a stroll among the cherry blossoms tying the two different sets together nicely. 

Both motifs feature an intricate border design. On the kimono cup it features multiple different flowers while in the cherry cup only one flover design is used. Both have a back ground of tilted lines making it more detailed as opposed to a solid back ground. This technique gives the motif some breathing room making it seem less heavy. 

Click for better view
 The handles of the cups are very dainty, allowing the holder only a finger through them. The have some nice petters in them matching the borders on the cups. I find these cups to be very feminine.

Click for a larger view
The stamps of the cups. The kimono cups stamp matches the stamps on the saucers but the cherry blossom cup has a different stamp which is rather odd. 

Click for better view
The patterns on the saucers are very organic and not centered around the center point. I find this makes the plates more interesting. As in the cups you can see the intricate border design. 

Click for better view
The blossoms on the saucer look less imposing than in the cup. They seem to have buds instead of flowers in full bloom. I enjoy the amount of white on the saucers as it balances the patter out nicely and makes it almost like a play of light and shadow, reminding me of a graphics leaf. 

Click for better view
The beauty of the kimono pattern comes out really nicely on the saucer. It is clearly a scene of an afternoon walk between some very fine ladies. You can almost here the one on the checker pattern kimono to speak to her companions. Truly quite charming.

Here is the stamp on the plates and on the kimono cup. It features a crown with and S under it and the place of origin for the set. I don't know which company this stamp belongs to but if any of you have any information please do share. 

As I said before I feel this set is very ladylike and feminine, reminding me of some of the earliest teacups, which were chinese. The blue and white colour combination is very fine and nicely done. All in all it is very classy set which I love to use. Next time we have some Russian peacocks which are much more pompous than these.

Madame Parapluie

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Inspired by: The work place

So as summer holidays are again winding down it's time to return to the everyday life, which in my case means an internship starting at the begining of August. So as I tackled school in an earlier inspired by post I thought this time we'd discuss the work place. Be noted that some ideas proposed here are not strictly lolita but will incorporate lolita clothes.

I might also point out that these tips wont work for all fields. I have mostly worked at customer service situations in places that have allowed this sort of thing. Work places are different and if yours enforces a dress code breaking it should be done after carefull consideration and with subtlety. 

The added flair way

 This is really quite a simple idea which can be done with any bottom one wishes to use. I chose to use a skirt because I don't really care for trousers. I combined the skirt with a nice lolita blouse and added a cardigan. I feel some lolita blouses are classy and dressy enough to wear in a work outfit even if one's work place demands a fairly formal attire.  To add more femininity I added a nice pair of heels and head bow. 

The Casual lolita way

This is  coordinate for a more relaxed atmosphere. It is basicly a very simple lolita outfit with some dressy accessories. To make it interesting I decided to keep it rather missmatchy with the red shoes and the lilac gems on the watch. It is quite clear that one should probably leave the over the top styles to lo9lita gatherings and tea parties, but I don't feel it's necessary to leave all your personal style at home.

My way

A lady's work never ends

This is definitely something I'd wear to work. I would generally keep the petticoat slightly less poofy and keep a cardigan near me as just like in school work places tend to have different tempatures at random. I also like to have a watrch on me to keep my eye on the time.

General tips

1. If your boss informs you that what you are wearing isn't appropriate, listen to them and don't wear the piece of clothing in question again. Work is a small part of life and somethimes one needs to to forgo ones sartorial wants to follow a work place dress code.

2. If anything lolita is absolutely not okay, add cuteness to your day with a cute lunch box or small accessories like pearl bracelets or a simple floral hairpiece.

3. Some work places wont allow you to carry a bag so pockets will become your best friend. Pick pieces taht have those or hope you can hide everything you need to your desk drawer.

4. Choose simpler almost otomeish pieces for work wear. They tend to be more comfortable than more elabrote styles and less fussy to wear as well.

So dear readers, have you worn lolita to work and what was it like? Or do you feel that lolita and work should not mix? Do share your experiences in the comments.

Madame Parapluie