Saturday, 28 February 2015

The unicorn is no longer dead.

Headbow: ShopKP on Etsy ~ Blouse: Metamorphose ~ Necklace: Emily temple cute ~ Dress: Handmade by yours truly ~ Boots: A find from ebay

Today me and my darling celebrated dapper day, a Disney tradition ( and yes I know it's supposed to be on the park but I live in Finland so... Anyways we went to eat out and had some fun.

I just love these boots. They look so chic and pretty.

Madame Parapluie

Monday, 23 February 2015

Details make the Dress

A big part of why I love lolita is all the details in the garments. The beautiful laces and dainty ruffles, pleating, pearl-like buttons, sweet little bows... All those little tiny details that  make a dress absolutely perfect. It all makes me swoon. 

So for this post I picked one dress from the four brands ( well three brands and my handmade stuff) that are mostly represented in my wardrobe.  I love these dresses because of their constructional details (lace, ruffles, etc.) so if you are interested in prints I will have to disappoint you. Though I might do a similar thing with my prints later on.

We are starting with hand made with a red velvet dress I made recently. Originally I wanted a single rosette to be on the neckline but got kind of carried away. The light made the velvet ribbon look like different shade than the velvet but rest assured this not the case. The little jewels are recycled from and old night dress. 

Other than this rosette detail the dress is very simple, which is just as planned. I wanted the dress to have a single eye catching detail and I think it turned out quite nicely. 

Next we have Juliette & Justine which is still my favorite brand. I wore this dress to my bachelorette party and haven't had an opportunity to wear it since. (Maybe hellocon this year...?) I love the lace waterfall in the front. It makes the dress look so luxurious ant detailed. 

Now this Innocent world jumper skirt is possibly my favorite dress at the moment. I want to wear it with everything to everywhere. The chiffon makes it so flowly and sweet.

 I love the ruffled hem that gives an elegant yet princessly feel. With black it's an ultimate gothic vampire dress and with cream it gives an air of old school classic cuteness.

And lastly something from Victorian maiden I have not yet worn, for purchased it quite recently and it has short sleeves and Finland + winter+ short sleeves = A massive cold = NO THANK YOU!

I fell in love with unusual cut of the bodice which you will have to wait and see and the lovely lace detail on the neckline. It almost evokes a necklace and gives this otherwise simple dress an elegant dainty feel. I can see myself wearing this one to work or at weddings.  

So here was some of the most lovely details from my wardrobe. Are you dear reader interested in a print version of this post? Do you love the details of lolita and which details are your favorites? Please share in the comments.

Madame Parapluie

Friday, 13 February 2015

Lolita blog carnival: Lolita plans 2015


The first event I am surely attending this year is Hellocon and the Hellocon teaparty. I am organizing the fashion show with Mari (Do remember to apply for a model position right here) and hosting a seminar on cleaning and caring for your precious garments. 

I am quite excited to go and have been planning my outfits for months. At this time it looks I am mainly going to wear hand made dresses unless of course I get one of my dream dresses. Then I might need to change my plans

Other events I'd like to attend are the tea party club event in London or Frillfest in Gothenburg but I am not sure if it's going to be possible. 


I am hoping to get a couple of my dream dresses during this year. (Oh ye gods of lolita and all frilly folk, hear my plea).  Naturally I am going to continue to sew a lot of my dresses and hope to continue to use better and better materials. 

Currently I am going through a more gothic phase which I think  will continue strong through out this year at least. I am tempted by the dark vampire like dresses and decadent materials like silk, velvet and chiffon. I also think my style is going to be a bit more mature and sensual than before.

 I am also selling some of the pieces that don't suit my style anymore.


Lifestylewise I am hoping to get a bit more blogging done. I have been a abysmally lazy with my blog last year and I am hoping to turn it around this year. Maybe more post about my sewing and craft projects or if I have bought something nice. I also want to continue my auntie Mims series. Naturally I hope to take more outfit shots too. 

I also wish to attend at least a couple of public meet ups this year and maybe host one or two. Nothing grand of course (I simply haven't got the time for a Princess fair...) but maybe a nice little picnic or  cafe meet up.

Lolita blog carnival

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Madame Parapluie

Sunday, 8 February 2015

My new almanac.

I rescently got this beautiful almanac from Ladurée. I've had quite dark calenders during recent years so a light one is really nice fora  change. But this one is so much more than a calender. It has recipes, life style advice, beauty tips... 

The book itself is filled with lovely detail, like these pages for the start of every month. Some of them look like antique wall papers. 

The recipes are by Ladurées chefs and sound really delicious. I haven't had time to try any but I am quite sure I will.

My favorite detail has to be this cute macaron charm on the book mark. I think it's just the perfect addition to this almanac and completes its style. 

My only complaint is that the book is quite big and thus quite heavy and a tad hard to carry around in a smaller bag. But for everyday it's a very good choice.

I would really recommend this almanac for especially classically minded lolitas. It does kind of echo the styles of Innocent world or Victorian maiden.  It's elegant and gives some fanciful elegance to everyday life. 

Madame Parapluie