Sunday, 25 September 2016

Lolita Blog Carnival: Skills every lolita should have

Well time to get back to doing these. And this topic is really important to me so what better way to start.

1. Clothing care and minor alterations

To me any adult who doesn't know how to replace a missing button should seriously reconsider their life choices. In lolita these sort of skills are extraordinarily important. The style is fussy and accidents happen so some basic skill with the needle will come in handy. I'm not saying that everyone should know how to make a lolita dress but minor fixes would be good. Same goes for recognizing and understanding clothing care instructions and possibly knowing when it is possible to ignore them. (I mean come on, the blouse is made of cotton, I do not need to dry clean it, dear any brand ever.)

2. Hair styling and make up

Lolita is an intricate style and to pull it of well it is good to know at least one great hair do and the very basics of make up. I believe in finding one great look you love and starting to vary from there. I for example love the bob cut weither it is straight and sleek or slightly curled and cute. In make up the principle is the same. Find something that works really well and work from there. 

3. Critical eye for quality and fit

As an expensive fashion it is important to know that you are getting what you are paying for when purchasing lolita clothing. If something is less than good quality to your eye and feeling you shouldn't buy it. Same goes for fit. Every dress should compliment one's body and if they don't (even with reasonable alterations) they aren't worth your money.

4. Social skills and graces

Let's face it. Wearing this style makes you highly visible in everyday life. So it is good to know when to be polite and when to shut people down and leave the situation.  No one minds the occasional "Why are you wearing xyz?"- question but no one should stand for harassment. 

 One also has to remember that the community is part of lolita, so having basic courtesy will make life much easier for everyone. 

5. One signature bake for picnics and tea parties

 In this community there will always be those events where you need to bring something. So just figure out something you can do perfectly again and again and bring that.  It doesn't need to be super complicated as long as it's tasty and you can do it well. 

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  1. You got me thinking about a signature bake! That's the one I lack most... I think my most signature food so far is chopped vegetables and a dip sauce :D ♥ But definitely not as romantic as muffins or something else could be. What's yours? :)

    1. I have a few. Jam to go with Anssi's signature scones, chocolate pie, different cakes... My mom is a baker so I'm quite adept at it.
      Chopped vegetables are delicious. :)