Friday, 30 September 2016

Lolita blog Carnival: Fall meet up ideas

Harry Potter meet in Viapor fortress or Tavast Castle

Finland has some amazing castles that would work amazingly for a meet up like this. My favorites for Potter themed meet up would be either Viapor in Helsinki, with its cafes and tunnels giving lovely opportunities for both photo's and dining, or Tavast castle in Hämeenlinna with amazing architecture.

Leaf picnic (with a quick getaway cafe if there should be rain)

The city I live in has this big amazing park area with all sorts of trees and lakes and perfect little nooks for picnics. And now that it is autumn it is filled with the most beautiful colours. So I had this idea about a picnic on a glorious sunny autumn day themed after the autumn colours. Guest would wear said colours while having steaming hot tea and hardy sandwiches among the gloriously golden trees, maybe even enjoying the water organ show when the evening falls. And if it should rain there are the cafes at the docks nearby.

Autumn Accessories sewing bee and tea

There is nothing nicer than adding the new season to your wardrobe and what better way to do it than a little sewing bee with your best friends. Or crafting bee. Personally I'd love to have a beret decorating meet up but haven't had the time to organize on this year but I will keep the idea in mind for future reference.

Other participants

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