Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Lolita reads: Autumn special

Ah, Autumn... My favourite time of year. I love the cool air, the colours and of course chilly autumn days where I can just curl up on the sofa and read to my hearts content. Over the years I have noticed that there are certain types of books I return to every year around this time. 

For the craving of Fairy tales

During this time of year my favourite fairy tale book is definitely Moominvalley in November and other late period moomin books. I love the whimsical gloom of the books and find them deeper and more mature which I think suits the season perfectly. It has this lovely sense of melancholy and letting go.

Other fairy tales I love during autumn are the classic Grimm brother's tales and Perrault's stories and stories about fairies and other spirits of nature.  

Halloween means Horror

Or atleast gothic romance and a lot of vampire stories. It's a pattern for me to read gothic, horror or vampire stories during autumn in general and especially in October. During this summer I aqruided a beautiful edition of In a glass darkly by Sheridan le Fanu and  will likely read it along with Dracula and maybe some of the Vampire Chronicles.

Perfectly poetical

I love poetry at Autumn. Last autumn I read the sonnets of Shakespeare and this year I will probably read some Percy Bysshe Shelley or maybe try to tackle Dante... Not to forget my perennial favourite Charles Baudelaire. I haven't quite decided yet. I like poetry all year around but find romantic, slightly melancholy type the best during autumn.

Other poets that I'd like to read this autumn include my eternal favourite, Edgar Allan Poe and perhaps Kalevala which I haven't read through yet and would like to.

So my dear reader, which books are you planning to read during this season and do you have any preferences that seem to come around every year around the same time? Do share in the comments.

Madame Parapluie

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