Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My Teaset: Pearlecent teapot

I don't know much about this teapot as I cannot identify the stamp on it. I got it from my boyfriend as a graduation present. He purchased it from an antiques shop and it was suggested that it is Russian. I will never part with it as it holds many fond memories.

I very much like the shape of this pot. It is very elegant and the lid has very nice ruffley thingy around it. The shape is very balanced in my opinion. The handle and the spout are porpotioned very nicely and give balance to each other.

The pot has a nice dark brown floral patterned which is rather abstract. It has been painted under the pearlacent glazing. The glaze gives the pot an unique and charming look.

The pot's handle curves rather elegantly and it has a brown accent to make the curve stand out. I do love the twist on the top part of the handle, it gives the elegant pot some much needed detail.

  The little swirl is echoed  in the spout, giving the pot some nice symmetry. The spout is short and has some girth. The spout is also lined with dark brown to make the tip of it stand out.

The lid of the pot is nicely waisted. It once fell to the floor so we had glue it back together but the lines fit in quite nicely.  The tip of the lid is again dark brown giving the pot a cohesive look.

Here is the stamp of the pot but as I said I have no idea where it is from. If some of my readers migth know more about this stamp I would be glad to hear of it. The mystery of this pot has plagued me for years and I hope I can someday solve it.

Mademoiselle Parapluie