Friday, 7 December 2012

Lolita blog carnival: Things that inspire me

I actually have a lot of things that inspire me that I have mentioned before. Long time readers will remember vampires, especially the ladies from vampire films, fairytales and history, especially the victorian era. And of course I am still into macabre details. I mean come on even my most classic outfit had a skull as headwear. This year I have added to the mix some medival and reneissance motifs.

Most of my style inspiration comes from around me. For example rigth now I am very inspired by Christmas and winter. I sort of like to match the time and the occasion.

When it comes to style idols I don't really have one. There are amazing lolitas all over the world who's style I like but I can't name one to be my idol. I have said before that I really admire the styles of my friends but can't see myself emulating their look.
Role models are a different book all together. My biggest role model is still my grand mother, for she is a very classy lady. I can only strive to be as wonderful as she is.

Personally I feel that inspiration can come from anything. It can come from looking at other lolitas and their wonderful looks, it comes from the world around you, from history, art and from your friends. I love lolita and that love will always inspire me.

If you are interested in the lolita blog carnival here is our facebook group. We always vote for a weekly theme and they have always been quite interesting so join! I must also say that it is a great way to find new things to read as different lolita bloggers join in!


Mademoiselle Parapluie


  1. That is a lovely collage you made!
    I have to agree with your selections and we have similar interests too!
    There needs to be more vampire themes in Lolita, not just in Gothic Lolita but Sweet Lolita too!

    1. That is very much true. Claudia from the interview with the vampire never wore black so she'd be perfect inspiration in sweet lolita.

  2. Hello! I want to write to write you an email to tell you this, but I don't seem to find any contact for that in your info.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! I am a fairly new follower of yours and a fairly new Lolita (though I have forever loved and appreciated the lifestyle,I just didn't have the means to live up to it until now) and I find your photos and entries absolutely fabulous. I was reading your posts and I find that you too enjoy letter writing and other old fashioned activities. My friends and acquaintances make fun of my way of thinking and the fact that I see "romanticism" in things and activities that they find mundane like letter writing or only reading paperback books instead of reading them online or on a tablet or writing on a typewriter instead of a computer. But like you, I do what I want because it's what makes me happy!

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you and congratulate you for your fascinating blog! Lovely to make your acquaintance!

    -Scotch Corduroy
    (Lola Capulette)

    1. Thank you very much of your lovely note. It made me smile. Good luck with your starting lolita life and keep on making your own fairytale.

      Thank you again


  3. I completely agree with you, inspiration is all around us! I really liked reading, simple and straight to the point.