Friday, 14 December 2012

Lolita blog carnival: Favorite dress.

I actually have may favorite dresses, but decided to show one of my one pieces, because I think one piece is the most handy type of dress. I picked the charming Innocent world dress I wear notoriously often.

Click for a larger view
So why this one? It's such a classic type of a dress. A white collar combined with any colour is the same sort of classic lolita item as the baby heart bag or Vivienne westwood rocking horse shoes. I personally could get more dresses in this sort of cut because it is so lovely. One where the main fabric is velvet would be especially lovely.  

 Here is the collar of the dress. The pearly buttons are functional and I just adore the intricate laces and pintucks of it. They give the dress some much needed detail. For some reason the collar part doesn't continue to the back of the dress but I love it anyway.

The cuffs feature the same lace as the collar, just in black. I love how the lace goes around the cuff and the button split. As in the collar these buttons too are functional.

The hem laces are simply gorgeous. The wider one is a lovely tulle broderie and the upper is a beutifull venetian. Between them is a cute ruffle that again adds a bit of detail.

 Latest adwenture of this dress has been when my good friend Sanni took picture of me for her school work. She used a huge old camera which was lovely indeed.

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  1. That's an amazing dress! It's so elegant! <3

  2. It's indeed a gorgeous dress! I love this cut, I'd so much want a Mary Magdalene (Saint Claire OP) in the same style but A) it's totally overpriced and B) there's no chance my ginormous ribcage (84 cm for a total height of 175...I'm maybe a normal-size, but it still sucks ç_ç) will fit a Mary Magdalene OP with no shirring, siiiigh....

    1. Oh that is very unfortunate. Maybe you could ask a seamstress to do something like that in your measurements?

  3. I love that dress cut too, i'd love to own something of the sort but I have the same problem as the user above.
    I think this kind of look suits you very well. With your hair cut, hair color and pale skin it give you a ghost feel and I rather enjoy that.
    I loved reading about your favorite dress. <3

  4. Nice! Is so elegant and classic, totally you!