Thursday, 26 July 2012

Some Etsy picks.

Neckwarmer  I chose this one because currently I am having a terrible cold and having somethin like this would be certainly lovely. It is also very cute and appropriate to the coming autumn and winter days. And yes I am talking about those in the middle of summer.

Green knigth dress by I do declare. I have liked this dress since it first came out but have always found something else to buy. Well maybe someday I will pick this one up too.

An epic hat I happen to love epic hat and this one certainly is epic. The feathers give it a nice old wordly look which would make it a gorgeus addition to any Gothic lolita or aristocrat look.

Necklace with a skull because did you really think we would get away with a post without atleast one skull themed accessory. Anyways I love skulls. They are macabre, charming and beautiful in an otherworldly way and thusly this necklace is one of my picks for today.

Pumpkin teapot Isn't it fairytale like? I simply love the whimsicalness of this teapot. It would look perfect in any somewhat mad hatter-type or Harry Potter themed teaparty.

Mademoiselle Parapluie


  1. Aivan ihania nuo kaikki! Ehdottomat lempparini olivat tuo hattu ja kurpitsateepannu. ^^

  2. Wääää! Mulla ei näy ku toi eka kuva jossa on kaunis siluetti-tyttö :(

    1. Muut ovatkin linkkejä. Klikkaa lihavoituja kohtia.

    2. Jee, nyt pelitti. Thank God :D Hienoja juttuja <3

    3. Hyvä että toimi ja mukavaa että pidit valinnositani ^^.