Friday, 22 June 2012

On lifestyle

 Ever since I got interested in lolita I knew I would be a lifestyle girl eventually. My idols were people like princess Skye who used to host the blog Princess portal or the Addam's family (Yes, they are goths but you can't say they arent't lifestylers). I loved and still love old fashioned manners, tea and all things beautiful and frilly. To me lolita is an important part of my way of life and as such I take it as a lifestyle.

To me being a lifestyler means first and foremost to always better oneself through reading, art and concentration on beutiful things and ideas. It means to be civilized, to be a fine lady. I know that in lolita one defines the lifestyle for oneself. If wearing pretty clothes and feeling pretty occasionally is lolita lifestyle for you by all means continue. The more there are pretty girls in the world the better.

I've already mentioned a couple of things that I feel make up my version of lolita lifestyle but feel that I could open some aspects of my lifestyle a bit more. No I haven't picked tea I believe there is more than enough said about that (and plenty more to come but that is another post). I hope these things will inspire anyone out there who is even a bit interested on lifestyle lolita.

Home decor is one of the things I consider to be utmost importance in my lifestyle. I wish to exist in a space that is aestheticly pleasing. To mwe that means antique and victorian details. I love planning new additions to our home with dear flowerthief and I love to organize the little details we both enjoy. Finding new decor inspiration is always a joy and dreaming what one would do if one could is an exercise I gladly partake. Currently I'm dreaming of a set of fluffy gorgeus pillows for our day bed... Maybe something I could embroider?

One of the most important parts of my lifestyle is reading. For lolitas I always recommend the classics and lifestories of insprational historical figures, but I read other things too. A whole lot of other things. One never knows where inspiration migth be lurking so having an open mind about reading is always a good thing. In this summer reading list I have things from classic authors such as Kennet Grahame to Star wars books and ofcourse fairytales. Reading for me is very calming and choosing some loliable authors can be and is fun. If nothing else Novala will always work, at least for me.

Speaking of Novala, I don't care what he says about friends but I couldn't be happy without mine. I think lolita is a social thing too. Picnics and teaparties with one's dolls and bears migth look nice on photoshoots but teaparties and picnics wit your equally frilly friends creates a bubble of lolitaness one can't but love. Talking about the newest brand releases, types of lace and actually about anything in life makes lolita feel much better. Even when one lives far away. That is why I have taken up letter writing again. It feels somewhat romantic to sit down to one's vanitytable and pick up a pen and some nice letter paper and write down your thougths for someone else to comment on her next letter. And letters are of course lovely to receive.

Culture and history mean a lot to me, weither it is a movie from my favorite director or visit to the local history museum. Personally I think culture lifts ones spirit and refreshes the mind opening new worlds and ideas. As a seamstress such inspiration is always wanted. culture for me is very simple, even something like reading old fairytales can be considered culture. And of course as a lolita I do love my fairytales. After all isn't making your life in to a fairytale in the core of every lolita?

When I was first starting out "Princess days" were a big deal for me. I lived far away from any other lolitas from my country so when ever I had one it made me feel especially lolita. I wore my favorite clothes (far fewer back then) and visited my favorite cafes and shops and generally did things that made me happy. I highly recommend this concept weither one chooces to have a cup of luxurious tea in her favorite cafe or a teahouse, or opts for a luxurious hot bath with her favorite scent. Feeling good is definetly an important part of any lifestyle.

To finnish I'd like to post some handy dandy links I hope will inspire every aspiring lifestyler out there.

Lolita handbook on lifestyle
Check out the 101 lifestyle ideas by Fatalfille. So cute. 

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Sorry for my Finnish readers but this is only in English. But worry not I still do translations to most of my posts.

Mademoiselle Parapluie


  1. This is such a wonderful post! I'm not a lolita but I do admire those who dedicate themselves to their own personal interpretation of the fashion and the lifestyle. I used to read Princess Skye's blog a long long time ago, I still miss it sometimes.

    1. Thank you Reibunny. Princess Skye was truly a great writer.

  2. Tunnistan itseni sinussa selkeästi <3 Tosi ihana postaus Lady Mimi!

  3. I truly enjoyed reading this article. To me, you and my other frilly friends, will always be a big inspiration! ♥

    I also miss Skye's blog, it was awesomeness. :3

    1. Thank you Caramea. And yes Skye's blog was pure awesomeness. There hasn't been another one so great ever since.

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