Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Inspired by: Romantic Heroines

Romantic heroines are an interesting bunch. There are so many different types to choose from. Two of these I've chosen are from great classic stories and the last one is from what one would call trashy romance fiction of the modern era. This should be fun. Let us carry on.

Jane Eyre
The orphaned daughter of a highborn woman and a poor priest has sent to school by her cold aunt. In the school she grows up to be a teacher and finally leaves to become a governess for the ward of Mr. Rochester a dark and mysterious gentleman.  Her conviction to virtue will carry her through a storm of passion and towards happiness.
Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre wears a smart yet functional one piece dress with dainty collar and a muted colour scheme. Her stockings are grey and she wears practical boots and a school type bag for after all she is straigth out of Lowood at this point. To cover her head against the cool english climate she has a nice. Jane is a teacher so she needs a watch to make sure she is in time.

Elizabeth Bennett

In my opinion Elizabeth Bennett is the Jane Austen heroine. She is quite witty, quite beautiful and very much in need of a husband. She lives her life as a gentle woman of a regency England. Her prospects are quite meager for her home will be inherited by a distant cousin and as her parents hoped for a son they didn't realize that they would need to save money for their daughters. A new world opens as the neighboring estate is rented out to a young man...

Elizabeth Bennett

 Elizabeth makes her elegant figure stand out with a simple lined dress which she accessories modestly. A simple ribbon in her hair and an umbrella to protect one from surprise showers during those long walks. Polkadotted tigths give her look a quirky edge that is sure to catch the eye of the esteemed Mr Darcy.

The quintessential Barbara Cartland heroine. 
She is pure and she is young and beautiful and naturally she is in great peril usually because a man who she absolutely despises wishes to marry her. Often she will escape this man and run into another man (the hero) who is dashing, experienced (in the art of love) and most of the time very very rich and even more jaded. He will eventually fall in love with her for she is different and more worthy than any other woman in his life. But alas the danger still lurks...
The quintessential Barbara Cartland heroine

 She (weither her name is Tatika or Paenthia or Lucretia) wears something that is definitely romantic. Her hair is adorned with roses and to disguise herself during her escape a cape is needed. Around her wrist we find a memento of a loved one, perhaps a lost mother of adored but now deceised father... She truly is queen of romance.

Is there any romantic heroines that you, my dear reader find very inspiring indeed? Do share in the comments.

Madame Parapluie