Friday, 22 November 2013

Inspired by: My little pony: Friendship is magic

As the season premiere of the My little pony Friendship is Magic is rolling around quite soon I decided that this would be the perfect time to take some fashion inspiration from the most regal of all Ponies the four Alicorn princesses.

Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia is the benevolent ruler of Equestria and the princess of the day. Her reign spans hundreds maybe thousands of years. She is also responsible of bringing up the day by raising the sun. She is kind, warm, wise and has a mischievous streak.

Stylewise princess Celestia is very regal in a very comfortable way. Her colours are soft bright pastels and lovely radiant whites. She seems to be the universal mother figure of the ponykind and as such her look is very approachable.

Princess Celestia

For Princess Celestia I chose a pale white dress with pastel coloured blouse, bolero and stockings. To make her royal status clear, she wears a golden crown, shoes and a sun pendant to connect with her celestial charge. As you can see I chose to not use wigs so my primary inspiration were her colours.

Princess Luna / Nightmare moon

Princess Luna is the sister of Celestia who succumbed to her jealousy and was turned in to the evil mare of Darkness, Nightmare moon who wished to bring about eternal night. Celestia was forced to banish her in to the moon for a thousand years. Now she has returned and redeemed by the elements of harmony. Her duties include bringing the night by raising the moon and soothing ponies' nigthtmares by offering her wisdom via dream walking.

As the princess of the nigth Luna's style is darker and a good bit colder than Celestia's. Even if she is smaller in stature her presence is more imposing in the world of mostly pastel coloured subjects.
As the Nigthmare she was even more dark, cold and imposing choosing to wear armour instead of regalia the princesses usually prefere.

I chose to do both, Luna and Nightmare. Both would were high heeled boots and a moon shaped pendant but show their differences with their other choises. To add to their mystery as beings of the night I had them wear masks. Luna's mask shows the beuaty of the moon where Nightmare's is dark, and twisted, a horror of the moonless night. Their material choices are different as well. Luna's dress is floaty light chiffon where Nightmare wears something hard, almost leathery.

Princess Cadence

Cadence or Princess Mia Amora Cadenza is the princess of Love and The Crystal Princess of the Crystal Empire. She is kind in a more youthful big sisterly way than Celestia. She ascended to alicornhood when she fully grasped the magic of love and became the adopted niece of Celestia.  In her wedding to Shining Armour their combined love defeated the queen of the Changelings and her army. Now they live in and rule the Crystal Empire.

Cadence's style is befittingly pink for the princess of Love. As an alicorn she is quite a lot younger than Luna or Celestia and thusly more normal looking as ponies go. Her mane is not a wild mass of swirling magic but normal like every other pony though as the Crystal princess she may use some gems to decorate it.

Princess Cadence

For Cadence I chose a onepiece dress with a soft pink hue. She would wear a crown decorated with heartshaped gems and add roses in her hair. I also chose to include the crystal heart pendant to show of her status as the Crystal Princess.

Princess Twilight

Twiligth Sparkle is the newest princess of Equestria, once pupil of Celestia and quite bookish. She is not quite comfortable in her role yet and thusly not quite as confident as the other princesses. Her ascendance to alicornhood came from friendship and her role in Equestria is still quite uncertain.

As the newest of the princesses I would venture a guess that Twiligth would be a very classic princess, choosing safer option with the help of her fashionista friend Rarity. She would still hold on to a bit of her neat style suited for librarian and a student. 

For Twilight I chose a less formal dress as she isn't quite accustomed to her new status. Her crown is more of headband showing of the shape of her cutiemark. Twilight would wear some well chosen jewelery maybe on the insistence of Rarity. Her choice of dress is quite practical ( it has pockets!) accordance to her logical personality.

Bonus round: Queen Chrysalis

Chrysalis is Queen of the Changelings a race of ponylike beings with some added attributes from the world of insects. They feed on love and can take a form of anypony to syphon off the love of those closest to their victim. In the wedding of Princess Cadence and Shining Armour, Chrysalis took the form of Cadence to lead an invasion of Equestria which promptly failed as Twiligth freed the real Cadence ableing her and Shining Armour to defeat the Queen.

Chrysalis is the creepiest thing the show has thrown out so far. She is about the size of Celestia with holes on her hooves and a jagged mallformed horn and seaweedlike green hair. Her style thusly is quite dark with colour palette of black and sickly greens.

With Chrysalis I chose to go a little bit more punk as befits a queen of the Badlands come to fight for dominance of Equestria. To corrolate with her insectoid wings she would wear a dragonfly pendant and soft floaty fabrics. Torn stockings give her outfit some approriate edge.

So this is my take about these royals. Do you have any ideas of what they migth wear or do you just dislike this show completely? Is there other shows you find inspiring? Do share your thoughts in the comments.

Madame Parapluie

P.s: Nigthmare Moon art: Akili-Amethyst
Others: Sleepswalks


  1. Oih, tosi inspiroivia asuja! Oma suosikkini on varmaan Twilightin asu, tuo mekko on ihana. ^^ Enkä malta odottaa MLP:n uutta kautta!

    1. Kiitos. Twilightin mekko miellyttää omaakin silmääni todella paljon. Enää yksi yö ensi-iltaan!

  2. Oh God!!! I love this outfits!! *o* <3

  3. OMG! this is perfect! I couldn't think of better outfit choices for any of them! If you can in the future do more ponys outfits <3

    1. Thank you. I will consider making the mane six at some point.

  4. Amazing idea and amazing outfits!
    I really love the princess Celestia outfit!