Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Innocent world anniversary rose.

Today I received my new Innocent world dress, the Anniversary rose just waist jumperskirt. It is really lovely even more lovely than in the the pictures on Innocent world's site.

I ordered the green version of the print and must say that the shade is just perfect. It's this really dark mossy green with a hint of blue, which makes the pattern stand out quite nicely. I have to note that the dress is quite narrow on the hem department but over all the shape is marvelous and flattering.

Click for a larger view.

Teeny tiny advertisement. 

Mademoiselle Parapluie


  1. I adore this dress a lot! When I saw Anniversary Rose for the first time I've known that I need this dress! I like green and beige the most.
    I had the hope that I can buy it at the Innocent World Tea Party and when I reached the IW booth I could see the pretty dress - waiting for me (and my money, haha)
    I own it also in green but the High Waist Version. Your words are definetly true: the dress is even prettier than on IW's pictures. The green color is just amazing and the print is unbelievably wonderful.

    1. I love this colour way just because it brings out the print so beautifully, although I must admit that the beige version is pretty lovely too.