Thursday, 25 July 2013

A grand hotel

At monday me and Flowerthief joined his friends who had won a trip to the Grand Hotel Tammer in Tampere. The trip was quite lovely and I am happy I was invited to go along. We returned yesterday. 

My outfit from monday:

Headbow: Hennez & Mauritz
Blouse: Vintage
Dress: Innocent world
Stockings: For the life of me I can't recall
Shoes: Baby the stars shine bright.

A picture of our hotel room. It was a lovely room with some antique touches. They had really concentrated on the decor in this hotel making it really special.

On tuesday we visited Särkänniemi amusement park and had dinner in a nice restauraunt in the amusement park grounds.

A view from the restaurant. The light was so lovely for a brief moment I was quite mezmerized by it. 

My outfit for tuesday:

Headbow: Handmade
Blouse: Vintage, modified
Bolero and dress: Innocent world
Stockings: Seppälä
Shoes: Fluevog

The hotel was simply lovely. I think I am in love with art deco now...

Mademoiselle Parapluie


  1. What a beautiful hotel, it's good to hear you had such a good time, everything sounds just wonderful.

    1. Thank you. It was really fun, I hope that someday I can visit the hotel again.

  2. That hotel looks amazing, look at the arches! I really like it when there's a mix of old and new. The result is always surprising.
    You look amazing as usual, i really love that dress and how you managed to create two different outfits just by almost switching shoes. Also those fluvog shoes are to die for and your petticoat gives your outfits a fantastic shape!

    1. The hotel was truly lovely. I loved the attention to detail they had. Everything was so well thought out.

      Thank you. I wanted to pack ligth so having only one dress and several blouses was a good option. Fluevog's are brilliant.

  3. Wow, the place is amazing, you were lucky to be able to stay there!