Friday, 23 November 2012

Lolita blog carnival: 5 meet-up themes!

This weeks theme on lolita blog carnival is 5 themed meet-up ideas.

1. Gothic Romance

Vampires, Addam's family, ghouls and femme fatale! What coud be more exiciting. For a place look for something dimly lit, and ghosty. Outfit could be anything gothic or macabrely accesoried classic for that "I'm a vampire's victim" effect. Serve something decadent and sumptuous.

2. Revolutionary picnic

La revolution!

La revolution!

Are you a revolutionary or a royalist? If the first is true break out the red, white and blue! If the latter it's time to wear those overly detailed rococo style dresses. Then again you could go with the gilloitine look and wear a red ribbon around your neck. For a place look for a rococo garden.

3. Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind!

Time to break out some faboulous victorianesque dresses and huge hats! This would be a perfect theme for a picnic or in a cafe with a victorian theme.

4. Christmas!


Of course as it is almost the holidayseason I had to include christmas! Glitter! Ornaments! Reindeers! Wear velvets, tartans and cuddly furs and break out those lovely christmas prints you never get to wear (Angelic pretty is brilliant with these). Have your guest eat gingerbread and drink glögi ( a spicy fruit drink I personally love!) Go for an outing on your towns christmas market and take pictures of the fairyligths!

5. Childhood toys!


Wear something inspired by your favorite child hood toy! For a doll, something dool themed, for a pony how about some unicorn heels (or wear the pony to your head if OTT is your thing). Go to a toy museum or a nice eccentric cafe. Tell the other about your favorite toys.

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Thank you for reading!

Mademoiselle Parapluie


  1. Nice ideas! I really like the Gothic Romance and Revolutionary picnic meetup, those two have to happen some day..

    1. Thank you. I don't really have favorites but rigth now I'm very excited about Christmas.

  2. These are 5 wonderfull themed meet-up ideas! I really love the Gothic Romance idea the most, because I'm a big fan of horror ♥ But I also like the Christmas theme alot as well, since it's almost the time for it, and the perfect time to wear such perfect and beautiful velvet dresses ♥

    1. Thank you. Horror is great as a genre in movies, in books and as inspiration. I just love Christmas.

  3. Numbers one and two are really awesome!!

  4. childhood toys! Cute idea! And the revolution one too! :D

  5. Gothic Horror sounds fun! I would love to be a Lolita Wednesday Addams.

  6. The Revolutionary Picnic is an amazing idea! Ah that one would be perfect for a meet up to see Les Miserables~

  7. I really love the childhood toys theme! I can see so many lolita styles being able to fit that.

  8. The childhood toy -theme is fun, favourite toy was an E.T. plushie and a bunch of He-Man action figures. That might be a bit more challenging. :/

    1. I'm sure one could invent something from them too.. Maybe a He-man colour scheme?

    2. Yeah, or maybe a loosely Skeletor-inspired outfit or brown fake fur to signify the E.T. plushie.