Thursday, 2 July 2015

What's in my purse?

This is my bag. 

Click for larger view
And here are the things I keep in it. The bag itself is Longchamp and can magically carry my groceries if it needs to. In it I have my glasses and sunglasses, a notebook I got from Carmilla, my almanac and a pen, my wallet which is from Baby the stars shine bright and my mobile phone in pochette I embroidered myself and of course my keys but they aren't very pretty so I'm not showing them. During summer I usually add a fan, to keep cool and during winter I carry a thermos of tea to keep warm.

Madame Parapluie


  1. Oh you have a lot more in your purse than I! I only have like a brush, wallet and keys! but a notebook with a pen could be an excellent addition ;)
    I have to say my eyes were more drawn to the sofa behind because I've been wanting to have one if it wasn't for the space in my apartment that limits me! :D

    1. Thank you for your comment! I forgot to put my make up pouch to the picture to be completely honest and sometimes carry a book with me to read so this is more like minimum of stuff I have in purse...

      One day you'll have more room and I'm sure you'll find a lovely sofa then!