Monday, 21 July 2014

My teaset: Asian royal blue sets

This time the post will be a little different as I like to use these two sets as one, because their themes are so close to each other and they do go together very well. I got these cups from my grandmother which does add to their charm. I am hoping that at somepoint I will find a teapot that will compliment these cups. 

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So here are the cups. As you can see the porcelain is very thin, practicly see through and the decorative motifs match nicely. On the cup of the left we see cherry blossoms and on the right women in kimonos with parasols.

The cherry blossoms have been made with these beautiful straight lines that give the motif a nice sense of dimension and shade. I fell this motif is very cute, but the striking blue colour makes it very elegant.

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The lady motif is a bit more intrivate. All the women have differently patterent kimonos and dainty parasols. The branch pictured here makes me wonder if the women are taking a stroll among the cherry blossoms tying the two different sets together nicely. 

Both motifs feature an intricate border design. On the kimono cup it features multiple different flowers while in the cherry cup only one flover design is used. Both have a back ground of tilted lines making it more detailed as opposed to a solid back ground. This technique gives the motif some breathing room making it seem less heavy. 

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 The handles of the cups are very dainty, allowing the holder only a finger through them. The have some nice petters in them matching the borders on the cups. I find these cups to be very feminine.

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The stamps of the cups. The kimono cups stamp matches the stamps on the saucers but the cherry blossom cup has a different stamp which is rather odd. 

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The patterns on the saucers are very organic and not centered around the center point. I find this makes the plates more interesting. As in the cups you can see the intricate border design. 

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The blossoms on the saucer look less imposing than in the cup. They seem to have buds instead of flowers in full bloom. I enjoy the amount of white on the saucers as it balances the patter out nicely and makes it almost like a play of light and shadow, reminding me of a graphics leaf. 

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The beauty of the kimono pattern comes out really nicely on the saucer. It is clearly a scene of an afternoon walk between some very fine ladies. You can almost here the one on the checker pattern kimono to speak to her companions. Truly quite charming.

Here is the stamp on the plates and on the kimono cup. It features a crown with and S under it and the place of origin for the set. I don't know which company this stamp belongs to but if any of you have any information please do share. 

As I said before I feel this set is very ladylike and feminine, reminding me of some of the earliest teacups, which were chinese. The blue and white colour combination is very fine and nicely done. All in all it is very classy set which I love to use. Next time we have some Russian peacocks which are much more pompous than these.

Madame Parapluie


  1. These are so delicate and ladylike. Very beautiful. <3

  2. Both sets are beautiful! It's lovely that the porcelain is so thin that you can actually see the decor at the inside of the cups.

    1. Thank you! I love the moment you pour tea in these cups because you can see it swirling around for moment, creating a most beutiful dance of shadow and light.