Friday, 25 July 2014

Lolita blog carnival: Three things I would never wear in Lolita.

Hello dear readers. This week's lolita blog carnival topic is things that I wouldn't wear in  lolita. When deciding these I realized that there are a really small number of things i wouldnn't atleast try (and indeed I have tried all of these and noticed that they just don't work on me.). 

1. Flat Shoes

Ballerinas, teaparty shoes and so on. I just can't wear them as they hurt my ankles way too much. And yes I have owned cheap ballerinas, good ballerinas, expensive ballerinas and bad ballerinas and none of them have been good or even somewhat good on my feet. I need a bit of heel.

2. Qi- or Wa-lolita.

I find it bit costumey in most cases (Kainoliero does great wearable wa-lolita *-*) like it's something from an anime. I prefere to my looks to be more wearable and qi and wa make me feel like I am in a costume.

3. Those blouses with huge baby collars.

And by that I mean the collars that reach over your shoulders. Metamorphose has few of these. I find them to be  tad too childish and prefere a bit more mature styles, smaller, or high collars or even a bit of neck line.

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I'd love to hear what you aren't going to wear in lolita, ever. Please share in the comments.