Sunday, 11 August 2013

Shopping tip: A very classy blouse.

Click for a larger view.
Recently (so recently infact that I haven't had the time to iron it) I purchased this blouse from H&M. It's from their new eforthless elegance line and in my opinion works quite nicely with lolita too. It is available at their site and probably in the shops too. 

Click for a larger view
The blouse doesn't have many details but the ones it has are really nice, like the fabric covered buttons on the sleeves. As you can see fro this picture it is quit sheer so if one wishes to wear with a skirt a tank top of similiar ligth colour is recommended. The material is really breazy chiffon, perfect for layering in the cool autumn weather.

My favorite thing about this blouse is the collar. I love how it's not ruffled but it's pleated giving a neater more grown-up look. I am definitely going to wear this blouse a lot so be prepared to see it a lot and check it out for yourself too. It only comes in this colour but I think it will work in most lolita styles as it is very neutral off white with a little tone of dusty pink. 

Mademoiselle Parapluie


  1. Thank you! I just ordered the blouse too
    I think it will be a perfect match with Classic outfits.

  2. This blouse is super pretty, I've spotted it weeks ago and I still hesitate about ordering it... I already got many white/cream blouses while I don't even have a decent black one!

    1. I have plenty of black ones so now I am trying to get some other colours in there too ^^