Saturday, 10 August 2013

Inspired by: Victorian times

It's not a secret that I love victorian fashion. It is one of my biggest inspirations. Even my final work at sewing school was inpired by Victorian fashion. So... Why not be inspired by it a bit more.


Once queen Victoria went to Scotland and suddenly tartan was in. Big time. There was even tartan wall paper.  Anyways, even in gross overdozes tartan is a lovely pattern and is a classic in both lolita and in every other style. Personally I really love tartan. I have atleast four tartan dresses and I would actually like to some have more. Especially something in silk or in similiar material. It would be so cool for those winter parties...

Inspired by: Victorian times 1

So here's my take on victorian tartan. Of course the boots were a must and will probably feature in all of these sets as I am already suoer excited about autumn. Also I'd like you to note that I didn't match everything and added some funky leg wear. Why? Because the leg wear during those times was seriousle crazy. Patterns could be anything.


Victorians had a really nice view of outer wear. Yes it meant coats, cloaks, capes and capelets but also light lace boleros, scarfs and so on. If  lady left her house even to go to her garden she would ideally wear some sort of jacket type item over her outfit be it the lacy breazy bolero or the heavy velvet coat.

So what does this mean in regards to lolita? Well break out the boleros and capelets and anything else you can think of! Layers time! Yay!

Inspired by: Victorian times 2

Here I chose a matching set of skirt and a bolero and combined it with  an underdress which will peak from under the skirt daintylly. At another pair of boots and pearls and an epic hat and you should be set.


 You didn't think that I would talk about victorian fashion and not talk about mourning did you? Not going to happen. I really like the aesthetics of victorian mourning. The veils, the black, the memento mori... 

For this mourning inspired look I of course picked a veiled hat and a very simple dress. Note that it has no lace. To add some sparkle a broach of black glass and daintyness with lace gloves a tights. And again I put boots in there.

So here's my take on victorianism. Feel free to put a corset underneath for that authentic feeling. And also I'd love to hear your ideas about victorian style (or any other era) coordinates. Would you rock a bonnet or add a dash of breazy tulle for that debutante style?

Mademoiselle Parapluie


  1. I personally love layers in dressing! Boleros, capes and scarfs *-*

    1. They are truly handy in Finland's quickly changing weather.

  2. I love Victorian influences in clothes and these are all amazing coordinates! I absolutely love the tartan one :D

    1. Victorian influences are the best influences! Thank you. I really really like the tartan one too.

  3. Varsinkin musta ihastuttava leninki on mieleeni :)
    Ja blogisi ulkoasu on hieno!

  4. Really love the effort you put into your post, and I can see the inspiration you get from these reflected in your style! <3

    1. Thank you. I try to do some research for these inspired by things to inspire others to look things up. And yes I would absolutely wear every one of these coordinates. <3