Friday, 19 October 2012

Daily outfit

This is how I looked today while taking care of some things. I went for a little darker look because Halloween is almost here!

Headwear: Handmade (Öhvis says Hi.)
Blouse, Cardigan: Second hand
Dress: Alice and the pirates

Of course I did not wear my slippers out doors but as this picture is taken after we got home, my feet were so sore that I couldn't force myself to wear the actual shoes for one minute longer. T-T

Mademoiselle Parapluie


  1. ooh is that a little scull on your headwear?

  2. This print is love! Congrats for having it ^^
    And the coordinate you did is very elegant!

  3. Olet niin kaunis, luonnostaan aivan nuken näköinen ja ihana asu myös. <3

  4. What a lovely outfit, the dark colours are a great choice for autumn!

  5. Voi vitsi kuinka ihku! Pääsisimpä joskus toteuttamaan vastaavan...