Friday, 7 September 2012

My perfumes

Dior, Laura Biagotti, Guipure.
I love perfumes. A lovely scent can make a dull day feel magical and who wouldn't want to feel magical occasionally. There are so many different scents and feels to choose from. A girl can feel dark and mysterious as easily as she can feel quirky and fun by changing her perfume. To me perfume is a part of my outfit. It is the last finishing touch.

I have a few perfumes I use regularly. Most of the time I trust in my Guipure Silk and Rose scent. Unsurprisingly it is a rose scent and very feminine and romantic. Rose is a very classic scent and will work with most outfits and that's why I prefere to wear it as an everyday scent. My everyday scent used to be pure vanilla but I seem to have grown out of it.

Other of my everyday scent's is Laura by Laura Biagotti. It is definitely super girly and very sweet.  I wear it more rarely than Guipure silk and Rose. Laura is more of a summer scent.

When I am feeling more fancy I wear Dior's Pure Poison. It's dark and mysterious and perfect for those more Gothy days. Pure Poison is my most glamourous and elegent scent and I have noticed that I combine it with certain more glamorous dresses.  It makes me feel almost sensual.

I always test my perfumes before buying them. It is really a rather simple prodecure. First you take scent tags of a few perfumes. After picking your favorite just put some on your wrist and wait for a couple of hours. Scents change on your skin and so it's important to keep it on for sometime to see if it's as lovely as when you first tried it. If not go back and start over.

Perfume is one of the most luxurious things in life. The ornate jewel-like bottles, the hard work that goes into making a topnotch perfume and the moment you put a little (A Lady never reeks of perfume. It's not very polite.) on your skin, give an air of new born aristocracy.

Mademoiselle Parapluie 


  1. Oh I used Lauras perfume a long time ago, it was my favourite, didn't know it existed anymore, haven't looked for it either though. The Guipure perfume has a beautiful bottle!! Oh I love REAL rose scent. Thanks for the tip :)