Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Scenes from Hellocon.

This year Hellocon was like falling through a rabbit hole to whole new world of magic and circus. Gloria was decorated with gold and red and white and everything felt like we had actually stepped into a circus. 

Myrre was our official master of ceremonies. Here she is presenting the guests of honour, Maki and Asuka from Angelic Pretty.

Adorable table of Sweet and tiny. Everything looked absolutely gorgeous.

The owner of Miss Danger shop.

Table of Lorina Liddel

And the personnel of the same brand.

The lovely Maki from Angelic pretty. She looked really cute.

A swedish lolita who's outfit was mind blowingly pretty. 

Carmilla looked amazing on stage.

And so did Lydia.

Mandatory backstage selfie.

Mari did a post about our fashion show right here and I will try to get the Tricks of the trade post up as soon as possible. 

Madame Parapluie


  1. This looks like great fun! Glad you had a good time!
    By the way, do you happen to know where Lydia's dress is from or what it is called? I love the creepy surgery-like print on it. :D

    1. It was a really nice event.

      I think the dress is from Violet Fane.