Friday, 13 February 2015

Lolita blog carnival: Lolita plans 2015


The first event I am surely attending this year is Hellocon and the Hellocon teaparty. I am organizing the fashion show with Mari (Do remember to apply for a model position right here) and hosting a seminar on cleaning and caring for your precious garments. 

I am quite excited to go and have been planning my outfits for months. At this time it looks I am mainly going to wear hand made dresses unless of course I get one of my dream dresses. Then I might need to change my plans

Other events I'd like to attend are the tea party club event in London or Frillfest in Gothenburg but I am not sure if it's going to be possible. 


I am hoping to get a couple of my dream dresses during this year. (Oh ye gods of lolita and all frilly folk, hear my plea).  Naturally I am going to continue to sew a lot of my dresses and hope to continue to use better and better materials. 

Currently I am going through a more gothic phase which I think  will continue strong through out this year at least. I am tempted by the dark vampire like dresses and decadent materials like silk, velvet and chiffon. I also think my style is going to be a bit more mature and sensual than before.

 I am also selling some of the pieces that don't suit my style anymore.


Lifestylewise I am hoping to get a bit more blogging done. I have been a abysmally lazy with my blog last year and I am hoping to turn it around this year. Maybe more post about my sewing and craft projects or if I have bought something nice. I also want to continue my auntie Mims series. Naturally I hope to take more outfit shots too. 

I also wish to attend at least a couple of public meet ups this year and maybe host one or two. Nothing grand of course (I simply haven't got the time for a Princess fair...) but maybe a nice little picnic or  cafe meet up.

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  1. Lukisin mielelläni sinun ompeluprojekteistasi. Olisiko mahdollista saada tutoriaali jostain projektista, esim. ig:stäsi bongaamastani lampunvarjostinoperaatiosta? :)

    1. Lampunvarjostinoperaatio on turhan pitkällä tutoriaaliksi mutta ehkäpä jostain...