Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween teaparty at Kata's

Last saturday I took part on Halloween party at Kata's The theme was dolls and everybody had created awesome doll outfits! The food was delicious as usual and we had a lot of fun.

Kata has such cute teacups.

Kata and me

Sanni, me and Lauren

The Bonnet brigade.

And now we shall commence the epic Chili spam as Kata's little kitten Chili absolutely stole everyone's heart by being utterly adorable.

I guess she wanted some treats too. 

I wore

Bonnet, dress: Handmade by me
Blouse: Dear celine
Bonnet decorations: From here and there.
Wristcuffs: Atelier pierrot
Ring: Lahden Kultasepän talo (My wedding ring :p)
Shoes: Wonders

Thank you to Kata for hosting the teaparty! I had such nice time and hope to meet all of the girls again soon.

Madame Parapluie


  1. Oh. You. All look so perfect. ; _ ; Now I am even more sad I couldn't come! And Chili looks like the most adorable kitten ever. <3

  2. Voi kun ootte kaikki nättinä, tuo sun asu on todella ihastuttava! ^__^
    Aijjai mitä herkkuja ja en kyllä yhtään ihmettele, että Chili varasti kaiken huomion ja vei sydämet mukanaan!

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  3. Voi miten ihanat bonnetit teillä kaikilla! Nyt alkaa sormet syyhytä, että josko se oma bonnet sieltä postista jo pian tupsahtaisi 。◕‿◕。

    Seraphine & The Striped Box

  4. aww lovely, i adore her cups, kitchen and overall decoration plus the light in her room is amazing and gave for a lovely shot!
    I also like that everyone is wearing a bonnet, bonnet love!

  5. Oh it's so funny that everyone wore a bonnet ! You all were really stunning and followed really well the theme : you were cute and beautiful as dolls !