Saturday, 20 September 2014

10 signs of autumn, the lolita version

1. Closet child will publish its coats page along with the brand collections of coats.

2. One will find it is incredibly important to read Kamikaze girls again. (And thusly becomes inspired to wear old school coordinates)

3. Muted colours become all the rage once more.

4. Parasols magically turn into umbrellas. 

5. Suddenly everyone is wearing ankle booties. And cardigans or knits. With fur collars to look more cuddly and warm. 

6. Alice and the pirates releases the annual Halloween print declaring  the halloween season open. Everyone will buy a massive lace adorned witch hat.  

7. Summer sales are over. And the wait for the next lucky bag season begins. 

8. Florals will slowly disappear from the print circuit and get replaced by plaid, crowns, teddy bears, books or chocolate. 

9. The hunt for the perfect pair of gloves will begin.

10. Someone will try to host the last summer picnic. Sun decides to shine as during summer when ever there has been a picnic it has been raining. 

What signs of autumn have you, my dear readers seen lately? Feel free to add to my list in the comments or make your own!

Madame Parapluie 


  1. Bring on October winds and kicking leaves :) The weather changed remarkably this night. I'm sitting indoors, sipping tea and watching the leaves blow off the trees. Im looking forward to your autumn outfits :)

    1. Yes the weather finally turned towards the gloomy and rainy (which is my favorite kind). I hope my outfits wont disappoint, I have some pic ones planned.