Friday, 14 February 2014

Lolita blog carnival: Romantic coordinate ideas

Hello dears!

This weeks lolita blog carnival is romantic coordinate ideas because it's Valentines day. In Finland it's not as much a romantic holiday as in some other countries, in fact we call it the Friends day. But of course couples do celebrate it quite romantically as well.

Will you be my floral valentine?

This outfit is for that romantic outing in a small but good restaurant. Flower theme of the looks gives a soft edge which is complimented by the red shoes and their heart motifs. Pearls add a touch of class to any look.

Homely maiden

This look is for that cozy night at home, maybe watching a movie and having some tea an treats. Soft slippers and velvet dress give this simple look a romantic twist. And ofcourse to look extra special for an extra special day some bling is in order. Maybe it's even a gift.

And finally for that super special outing, something I equate with romance instantly, gothic chic. Lots of airy chiffon makes this look perfect for dancing and the heels add a bit of drama to please that little Morticia Addams in all of us. Adorned with hearts and flashes of red, this is perfect for tango. 

Other participants:


Madame Parapluie


  1. I Love that third outfit, it`s perfect <3

  2. The second outfit would be great for a lolita slumber party! I love the third outfit too, its really dramatic. It would be a great outfit for a date in the theater.

    1. It's true it would be great for slumber party. and yes I was thinkin theatre as well when I was creating the third look.