Thursday, 20 June 2013

Chocolate bambi and other things

I have gotten some new stuff lately and decided to take some pictures of them. So here we go.

So here's everything and the best picture of the vintage blouse I got. I really needed a new white blouse and this one seemed to work perfectly. I really like hig collared blouses but I must admit that I am thinking of changing the bow thingy to something a bit nicer. 

Click for better view
Other thing I got is this Bambi buumi-headband from Essin maailma. I wanted a custom colour (darck chocolate) and she was kind enough to make me a pair. It's so lovely and fluffy and I have already many coordinates planned with this. 

Click for a better view
Here is a close up of the horns. 

And here's something I made myself. A necklace with a real antique key and two matching bracelets. I Used fresh water pearls, swarowski crystal and the key of course. They came out quite like I imagined them to. 

And here's a close up of the key. I like how one can see it has been used. It gives the necklace a lot of character. 

So do you like these sort of "what have I gotten recently"-posts? Should I make more of them? I would love to hear your imput. 

Mademoiselle Parapluie


  1. New gets-posts are always welcome! I myself love to see new items people get for themselves. :)

    And indeed lovely items you have gotten yourself! The jewellery is just so gorgeous!

    1. Then I migth have to make them a feature in this blog too!

      Thank you. I really like to make jewellery and these came out just perfect.

  2. Gorgeous necklace <3 I loved the blouse too, it's simple and elegant ^^

  3. Oh how I loooove the choco-antlers! I totally need them in my life... :D

    1. They are gorgeus and Essin maailma does have a lotsof other equally pretty things. I can truly recommend her.

  4. Everything you got is beautiful, I absolutely love your blouse, it looks so elegant!