Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lolita blog carnival: Spring wishes about lolita.

I really had to think about this one as I don't really like spring, although I must admit that I love some accessories that the warming weather allows. I love parasols and fans, and of course huge hats, for they all give an outfit an antiqueted air. But once again I have lost myself to tangent so let's get to business

Wishes for spring.

This spring I hope lolita sifts toward a more elegant, calm and collected mode. I would like to see simple florals, all over lace fabrics and stripes and cute elegance of yesteryear. I have really fallen back in love with some old school favorites even though modern lolita has its charms too. Generally a move toward classic lolita would be utterly lovely.

In itemsvise I'd love to see more jackets as they are both cute and elegant and simply to awesome to leave in to shadows. A jacket gives a mature air to any outfit, especially with a large bowtie blouse. Jackets should really be seen more often. I have already two jackets so atleast in my spring wardrobe, they will be a staple. Other things I'd like to see make an appereance are two toned ankle boots which are in my opion quite adorable, full sized hats (other than berets) and neutrally coloured tigths with simple patterns.

Other than fashion I would love to see more events as Helsinki Lolita convention was such a success. Something like the great teapartys we see around the world, or other fun get togethers or meet-ups. Maybe I'll organize one again.

As for my personal style I wish to continue adding classical elements to my look and balancing them with my macabre accessories and more gothic tastes.

And the lolita blog carnival is back! I have been really busy lately so I haven't had time to participate but this week I finally managed! Here is our facebook group!

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  1. Alkuvuosi on joka vuosi jotenkin todella tyhjä miittirintamalla. Onneksi meillä oli Hellocon. :D Toivottavasti kevät toisi tullessaan paljon kivoja miittejä ja muita tapaamisia.

    1. Joo toivon ihan samaa! Miiteissä ja muissa on useimmiten todella hauskaa.